Public Health Week: Self-Care Focus

We asked members of Omega NU and the MS, School Psych Program to reflect on self-care practices as they balance school and work.

NU celebrates Public Health Week on April 12-14. Check out the events flyer and register here to attend.

Contributors: Lara T., Stephanie B., Luka J. -MS, School Psych, PPSC Credential.

Steph B.-

I doubt my achievements often, and find myself overcompensating by constantly finding new projects and items to work on. This has made me become overcommitted, stressed and unhealthy mentally and emotionally at times. Public Health Week emphasizes making our communities healthier, stronger and safer, and bringing in the perspectives of multiple students to discuss how we prioritize self-care is our goal for this blog.

Hopefully, our discussion of self-care will inspire and motivate readers to focus on their self-care, not just in honor of public health week, but from now on.

Talking to friends brings a sense of belonging. While I have friends in the San Diego area, my best friend is moving to another state soon. I had felt very upset by this and consequently joined a discord server to talk to people, have a support group, and play fun games with. This has helped me significantly with processing my best friend moving, and has helped me problem-solve through my feelings. In general, having a support group, whether that be in person or online (such as a discord server), can help significantly. I try to do something that I enjoy every day. After a long day from work/school, I find joy in watching an episode or two of a Korean drama, playing video games, or reading webtoons. Doing so keeps my mind distracted from work/school, and keeps me from hyperfocusing on what needs to be done.

Woman with oversized candybar.
We can neither confirm nor deny that Stephanie bought this and started eating it. But low key, we want some. [CSEA does not endorse nor oppose KitKats or any other delicious, chocolate treats.]

Additionally, I have shifted my mindset on self-care. Self-care is not something I do when I have time. But rather, self-care is a lifestyle that must be added in order to stay healthy. Never feel guilty for taking a break when there is a lot to do, but rather, focus on how you can relax to be able to recharge for the next event.

Lara T.:

Self Care is a completely new concept for me. My journey with self care started at the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020. I decided to make the biggest change in my life all in the name of self care. I was stuck at a job I hated with bosses I hated even more, I was also diagnosed with depression and anxiety. It was then that I decided I needed to quit my job and figure out myself emotionally and physically. I resigned from my job “effective immediately” and started to think about my future, which gave me more anxiety. After about a month of being jobless, I decided to move forward and get my Master’s Degree at National. After making that decision, I had another problem I had to tackle; “How do I not allow school to take over my life again?” Cue in the Self Care.

Lara T. with her self-care calendar. Every month has a different self-care theme that we now want to do. Challenge accepted.

I started by setting boundaries with my schooling. I set up my desk area to be everything I needed for school stuff, my laptop, books, pencils, pens, a calendar, and a planner. Then, I made it a point to be at my desk only for a certain time, the second I left my desk for the night, the school work was done. This was extremely difficult to do at first. I’m the type to remember things randomly and want to get them done ASAP, but I made sure I was mindful and continuously told myself, “No. This can wait for tomorrow.” When my school day was done, I’d leave my room and go spend time with my family, which for me was my own way of self caring. We’d watch tv and eat dinner together and it was a great way to wind down for me after the stresses of school.

In my personal life, I made a point to take “weekly self care days” on a weekend day. Meaning, no school, no work, no people. I would do whatever I wanted. Some days, I’d take myself on a date, other days I’d pamper, most days I ended up at home reading a book or binge watching “Criminal Minds”… again. This was really important to me, because I tend to be “on” at all times, around family, friends, during school, so it was extremely nice to be “off” and only answer to myself.

The year of 2022 brought to me a “Self Care Calendar” from one of my really good friends. I was given the calendar because, “If you don’t get told what to do, you’ll never do these things.” – My Friend. Every month has a new self care theme that is suggested. January was to try something new. February was to pamper yourself. March was to nest your areas, and this month, April, is to meditate. I took this calendar and ran with it. In January, I went to a Jazz night, tried a spin class, went to a comedy show, and tried new foods! In February, I treated myself to cute workout gear! In March, I “nested” my bedroom, bathroom, desk and car. I deep cleaned everything!

April is Meditation, this one is going to prove very difficult for me, because my mind wanders, and I don’t like to sit still. This is going to take all of my mindfulness, and energy, so I can get into it. All in all, self care is good and a necessity in life, and I’m so happy I’m finally on this journey.

Lara’s self-care vibe is goals.

Luka J.:

Self-care has been a hard idea for me to solidify and start using in my life. Before entering National, I actually went through a really difficult time, where I had a life-threatening event that caused my physical and mental health to decline rapidly. I had to go on leave from work and put off my plans of applying to grad school as I went through rehabilitation for several months. During that time, I started forcing myself to do things that I thought other people would enjoy, even if I couldn’t find the fun in them at the time. Hiking and birdwatching were some of the activities I picked up- while I had never been a fan of sweating, and didn’t know much about birds, I knew it was an activity that would force me to spend time outside and observing nature in the present moment. I created a tradition for myself of finding a new hiking trail, or nature preserve, or just a park every month. This lasted a long time as I tried out each hiking trail in my area, and it gave me a goal to work towards.

Luka J. –rested, relaxed, and perhaps on the way to make the kebabs? [We might try this, too.]

Now that I am working and in grad school, I still make sure to set aside time for myself twice a month to go to a hiking trail- sometimes new, sometimes well-liked, but always a long one that gives me plenty of time to decompress. During my free time back before grad school, I also did a lot of cooking new foods I had never tried before. Some of these turned out great, some not so great, but each time I felt like I had accomplished something. While I now have less time to devote to the culinary arts, I still make it a goal to try cooking something new every month (this month, kofta kebabs!).

While previously in my life I procrastinated and put off work to rest, I felt unsatisfied during these times and never came out of them actually feeling rested. I was consumed with guilt and worry about how these things I had to do were looming over me, and I felt as though I was being ‘lazy’ by not working all the time. By creating structured times for myself to relax- a monthly, weekly, or even daily schedule- I don’t deal with feelings of guilt and worry about putting off work. I know I’ll get to it, just after my self-care time. Additionally, I’ve realized that time resting isn’t ‘lazy’ at all.

The reason I had felt so drained afterwards was because I hadn’t actually been relaxing- the whole time I was laying in bed on my phone, I was worrying and thinking and speculating, which made me feel worse rather than better. Doing something active has helped me clear my head during those times, rather than ruminating on what I have to do. Finding things that are rewarding to me, as well as fun or relaxing, are essential to having a positive mindset about life. Ending the day feeling like I’ve accomplished something, even if that was just seeing a different kind of duck at the park, has helped me look forward to each day.

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