Effective Leadership Certificate of Completion

You will need: Portfolium (NU students, this is in your SSO) and NU Mentoring Network.

This is an image of students doing community service and can be uploaded to Portfolium as evidence of leadership and teamwork–these are 21st century skills employers look for.


*Identify leadership connections between academic work and professional work.

*Reflection on leadership experience.

*Reflect on leadership styles in professional work.

The End Products on Portfolium to earn the Cert.

  1. Resume
  2. Mission statement
  3. Sample cover letter-(omit your address, just put city and state)
  4. Captioned photos of events or other multimedia demonstrating leadership
  5. Link to your LinkedIn profile
  6. SMART Goals + Mentorship Reflection 
  7. Effective Leadership Reflection
  8. Effective Leadership Reflection – Peer Assessment  

The Pathway

Step 1
Leadership quiz take this
SMART Goals–complete this (you can save it as you go)

Go to Career Services now and get your resume and cover letter revised.–Trust: you need to do this.

Steph B. (MED, SPED) from Omega NU recommends BlackPink. This song snaps. Check out her blog on this site.

Step 2
Meet w/your Mentor via NU Mentoring Network. Bring your SMART goals form to discuss. This way, you won’t feel awkward.

Marissa M. (MED, Single Subject Credential) –whose blog for Black History Month is #BlackGirlMagic–digs these chill-but powerful-vibes.
Carrisa B. (BA, Pre Law), from Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Society kicks it with old school Billie. Check out the TikTok Carrisa made that shows how she organizes school, work, kid.

Step 3
Upload your SMART Goals reflection on Portfolium. Tag the Skills “Effective Leadership”-type them in.

Work on your Mission, Vision, Values. Put them over an image. Use Canva.

Don’t know what mission, vision, and values are? Check out an explanation

Step 4

Upload at least 12 artifacts that demonstrate leadership: essays, community service pictures, certificates, etc. Think about how you demonstrated leadership in each of these instances.

Step 5
Upload more work that you completed and link it to 21st century skills.

You can also link your artifacts/projects to skills you need to demonstrate to employers. Check out Ayesha’s. Her speciality is in EdTech.

Step 6

Reflection FormComplete this.

Step 7

Get your Peer Evaluator to fill out this form. You will also upload it to Portfolium.

Step 8

Ask your peer reviewer to review your work and fill out this form.

Step 9

Receive the Cert of Completion and upload it in Portfolium and LinkedIn!

PS–Don’t see a song that’s giving leadership vibes? Email us three songs from your playlist that are SFW and win a gift card (amazon). clubs@nu.edu