Happy Independence Day!

Happy Independence Day! After a long and difficult year, many of us are finding July 4th to be an especially meaningful opportunity to reflect on what independence means to us.

For Jacqueline Moreno, President of the Mind-Body Wellness Student Organization at National University, Independence Day is all about the balance between freedom and respect:

For Sonia Soto – from the Student Veteran Organization– in NU’s Strategic Communications program, Independence Day means:

And for Tania Bogart – President of Educator’s United Student Organization, military spouse, mother, student, and cancer survivor – Independence Day holds many meanings:

“For many, Independence day represents freedoms and rights that are put forth for the American people, and in many ways, acknowledging the privileges that we have as a great nation often puts into perspective how lucky we truly are. As a military spouse, Independence day represents my husband fighting for these freedoms and making sacrifices every day. As a mother, it represents the ability to give my children a bright future with any possibility that they put their minds to. As a student, this day represents the ability to receive a degree as a woman, something many others in the world are unable to do. And as a cancer survivor, this day represents the ability to receive world-class medical care. We have so much to be thankful for as a nation. Being able to celebrate health, happiness, prosperity, and freedom is something that I value and I am proud to be an American.”

For members of our San Diego Community, The Big Bay Boom fireworks at the San Diego Bay are currently scheduled to take place. Be sure to listen in on the musical simulcast at 101.5 KGB! Or watch from the comfort and safety of your own home here:

For those not looking to go out, some of our favorite socially distant options include:

  • Watch Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog-Eating Contest – Live on ESPN. Cheer on your favorite competitive eater while enjoying some grilled favorites of your own! Although this year’s contest is being held at an undisclosed location, you can bring the Coney Island spirit with this classic Coney Island Hot Dog recipe.
  • Tour one of our beautiful National Parks. The National Park Service offers diverse live streams of many national parks, from waterfalls and geysers to bears and birds.
  • Immerse yourself in history with the National Archives. Great for kids – click here to download the accompanying activity kit. The National Archive is offering a full day of educational activities, complete with actors portraying historical figures like Thomas Jefferson, Martha Washington, and Ned Hector (a Black soldier who fought for the Continental Army). The highlight of the day will be a dramatic reading of the Declaration of Independence. Registration is free, with optional donations to support the great work of the National Archives Foundation.