Undergraduate Welcome Letters

A Welcome Letter to Undergraduate Students, from Undergraduate Students


You made it. The hardest choice in your college journey is finally deciding to sign up and start classes. Maybe it has been ten years since you graduated high school, or you work a full-time job now; maybe you have kids, or are deployed overseas in a different time zone. Whatever your situation, others have gone through something similar and obtained their degree. You can too!

Now is the time to focus a little more of your time on you. Become familiar with your course, stay organized, and reach out to National University’s faculty and student body. In my three years at National University, everyone I have met wanted me to succeed as much as I did. There is help everywhere, like tutoring through the math and writing centers, understanding and gifted professors, clubs to help nurture your interests, and NU Scholars to lean on for guidance. Your journey here will be enthralling and rewarding. Welcome!

Codi Walk

Bachelor of Business Administration

NU Scholar, April 2018 Cohort 


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Hello NU’s newest student!

As an active duty Marine stationed in San Diego, I have been at National University for almost two years now – time really flies when you are having fun! This regionally accredited school has done more for me than I could have ever expected from any University. I cannot wait for you to experience that for yourself. Being in the military is tough enough as it is, and taking college classes simultaneously will not make it any easier; however, the faculty and staff at National University go above and beyond to facilitate every student’s experience. With the four-week class design, you will get to work around your schedule and be able focus on each class. This is especially helpful when you work for long hours and have a family to keep up with. You can read more about how to juggle life and academic responsibilities in our NU Scholars’ blog.

The easiest way to get used to National University’s unique format is to reach out to people, whether it is other students, your counselor, or anyone you meet here! Professors often schedule their lectures depending on their class consensus, they make themselves available to you at all hours of the day and are willing to meet with you if you need more help. Best of all, everyone at National University treats you like a person, not just another statistic. If you are searching for a school that really cares about your goals, then you’ve joined the right team. National University is so dedicated to providing the most streamlined educational experience for their students that they even have a Student Concierge Service, who can assist you via phone, chat, or email seven days a week from seven in the morning until midnight!

I will be honest, starting your program will not be easy, but National will be the bridge between you and not only your higher education, but also your future success. As you stride across that bridge you will come across lifelong friends, NU Scholars, professional mentors, and a community of like-minded individuals, all of whom share one goal – to provide you with an accessible education that will help you leave a meaningful impact on society. You’ve already taken the first step, the only thing left to do is finish.

Semper Fi,

Eduardo Davila

Bachelor of Science, Information Systems

U.S. Marine Corps

NU Scholar, April 2018 Cohort