Hi, NU Students!

Welcome to the NU Scholars Program blog!

The NU Scholars Program was envisioned by University President, Dr. Andrews, to showcase students’ perseverance and dedication in seeking their degree. After a rigorous application and selection process, these students were admitted into this program of leadership, community service, study abroad (optional) and research, which is embedded into a full-tuition scholarship. Learn more on our website or watch our video.

NU Scholars are our university ambassadors. They created this blog for their fellow students-and prospective students- who may be experiencing the same- or similar-challenges and circumstances in pursuing their degrees.

Whether it’s juggling family, school, and work (Pam Schurers), figuring out how to start school as a US Veteran (Kevin Matzke), or celebrating success as a first gen student (Claudia Garcia), we hope you check out our site.

Feel free to check out some of our older posts, too:

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Many of our bloggers have a link to their Portfolium pages. If you have a Portfolium, feel free to connect!

If you would like to “ask a scholar,” please email scholars@nu.edu.


Patricia R. Cardozo
Associate Director, NU Scholars Program