Graduate Welcome Letters

A Welcome Letter to Graduate and Credential Students, from Graduate Students

Dear Graduate Student at National University:

Your choice to move forward with a graduate degree was, I’m sure, not done lightly, and it is with this same degree of intention that you should engage every step of your academic track. Being a graduate student at National University, much like other graduate-level programs, will be hard, but accomplishable. The 30-day class cycles will go by quickly and the online programs will take time management skills to complete – however, if you set your mind to it, it can be done, and you will succeed. You will be surrounded by peers who, much like you, strive to advance their careers, their academics, and their lives.  Students who are already managing the challenges of maintaining a social life, a family life, and a work life, and then are also adding to this an academic life. You can read more about how to juggle life and academic responsibilities in our NU Scholars’ blog.

Take the time to get to know your professors and develop a relationship with them, because they will write your letters of recommendations and help you network with other professionals. Get to know your lead faculty, who can help guide you through this part of your academic journey. Also, try to get to know your peers. While it may seem difficult to develop relationships in the remote settings of these online classes, they are going through the same difficulties as you and can help.

Be sure to seek out internships and scholarships, such as the NU Scholars program. Make use of the career, writing, and math centers. Lastly, remember that there is no better way of spending your time than investing in personal growth.

Congratulations on your upcoming academic success!

Michelle Lagos-Young

NU Scholar, January 2018 Cohort

Master of Arts, Strategic Communication, Emphasis in Organizational Leadership

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Attention graduate students,

As a graduate student in the MFA in Fiction Program, the unique online platform that National University provides allows me the time to work and gain experience in this field as I complete my graduate program. I work as a Professional Expert English Tutor, and together, my work and my classes allow me to work closely with students and improve my own writing and teaching skills. These classes will go by fast and you will learn a lot along your journey.

What I’ve found helpful is setting a schedule each week. I read the online lecture, write down all assignments in my planner for the week, and communicate often with my fellow students and my professor. The professors at NU want you to succeed and are receptive to feedback. When writing essays—and you will be writing plenty—I’ve found that Purdue Owl is very helpful in ensuring that I cite my sources properly. National also offers tutoring and library services, so you can be well prepared.

If you are a hardworking and driven, The NU Scholars Program is a fantastic program that builds students as professionals, leaders, and ambassadors. This program offers opportunities to engage with professionals in one’s field and gain valuable training, advice, and experience. Through the Scholars Program, I have attended an education conference, studied abroad, and collaborated with dedicated students and professionals in my field.

Thank you making a choice for your future and welcome to National University.

Jordan Montejano

NU Scholar, January 2018 Cohort

Master of Fine Arts, Fiction